Spam Email Service

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Spam Emails - Send 500,000 Email to people who really care about what your selling ! This service sends the Emails in 24 hours to a fresh Email database full of good quality leads.Included with this service is my niche harvester. I will use your niche to harvest more Emails from Google and other search engines.This will increase the success rate of the targeted SPAM.If you want more than 500,000 Emails Contact me.We send attchments with Emails if you need.All our mail is sent from trusted servers so all go to inbox.
We do jabber spam , facebook bot spamming , we can write custom bots to do almost anything spam releated. Contact us
What I need from you.
1.Email address - for reply mail
2.Copy of Email you want sent
3.Your niche and/or keywords
It can take upto 24 hours for me to send 500,000 Emails.
Fantastic service with kick ass results
Check my other products and services . Thanks
Its not SPAM if someone wants to read it , lol
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