Call or text your target to death for 1 week - WILL DRIVE ANYONE CRAZY

This service is $125 for one week Buy Now
Add target number into notes at checkout. Please including internation dialing code. Attack will start within 1 hour.

Free version - 24 hours free - Anti virus may eat file - Use in VM or sandbox - support not included.Download here

The service uses an online VOIP box to call your target over and over again. When the target answers the call ends to save money and then calls again. This happens 24 hours a day. Many people get new numbers because they go CRAZY. The text service uses a special technique that I developed to send texts every 5 seconds , This is awesome for driving someone crazy and just like the call attack , makes the phone hot and battery die fast. Many people change number.FREE SAMPLES ARE BACK - CONTACT US.We can also give you access to our tool Bombing tool so you can change number when you want. This costs extra , contact us and we can make a deal.

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