Buy the best ransomware right here, custom wrote by us in C# This ransomware is deadly. Everyone is making BTC from it.

Cost : Only $200
C# FUD Ransomware (AES 256 Encryption with a 64 chars long uncrackable key)
C# Decrypter-Stub Size: 250kb (unique exe for each buyer)
Features: Delayed Start, Mutex, Task Manager Disabler.Platform: Windows (both x86 and x64)
We custom wrote our own ransomware and now its for sale to the public.
We have made huge amounts of BTC using ransomware and now you can too.
We give your everything you need + help to spread your ransomware.
Everyone who has bought this product has made their BTC back in 3 days or less.
Everything can be custom - any special requests just ask.
Comes with very easy n00b friendly instructions. You set price and time for ransom.
We are asking $200 for the amazing ransomware. Dont miss out. I dont think we will be selling at this price for very long. Its too cheap.

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