Paypal Transfers

We send PAYPAL transfers & SKRILL , upto 10,000 USD
We pre bomb Paypal email address and phone to ensure very long charge back period
Follow our instructions and you will 100% cashout and be happy
We have packages below, if you need custom contact us

contact me at

500 USD transfer - $125 Buy Now
1000 USD transfer - $225 Buy Now
2000 USD transfer - $500 Buy Now
5000 USD transfer - $900 Buy Now

When you checkout use Paypal/Skrill email address , We will send the funds within 1 hour.

Before buying please read all information below.

We are a team of professionals with years of experience with PayPal Transfers.
We offer FAST Semi-Clean PayPal Transfers for from amount that we send to your account.
These funds are NOT from hacked accounts.
We use credit cards through our custom payment processors to make sure transfer reaches your account.
We offer a 48hr replacement guarantee in the case of chargebacks.(WE DO NOT REPLACE IF ACCOUNT IS LIMITED AND NEEDS SCANS)
Chargebacks usually hit 1-4 weeks and sometimes longer after the transfer.
Our requirements for providing replacement:
1) Login to PayPal using the email from buyers notes
2) Click on disputed transaction
3) Show details on the held funds
4) Show the transaction history for the past month.
5) Send Screen Shot
NOTE: If the paypal will hold/review the funds and deside that the transaction is too risky for your account and reverse, it does not count as a chargeback and replacement will not be possible here. This is happening when you order transfer which doesn't fit your account normal activity and raises a security flag.

Our requirements for transfers are:
1. People that know what they are doing.
2. Verified Premier or Business accounts are required.
3. Aged accounts.Anything over 1-2 month is good.
4. Multiple and recent transactions on your PayPal account. You must have 10-15 incoming/outgoing payments with couple of incoming transactions matching the transfer you want to order.

We will not tolerate:
1. People who DO NOT understand PayPal (WE ARE NOT HERE TO TEACH).
2. New accounts with no transaction history.
3. Annoying people.
4. People asking for free shit , People wanting us to send them transfers first ! lol !

Terms of Service:
Please read the terms of service TOS. Placing order means you agree to our TOS.
1. We are NOT responsible for held funds.
2. We are NOT responsible for funds under review.
3. We are NOT responsible for (ACCOUNT LIMITATIONS). It is your responsibility to know the limits of your account. A large transfer amount on a new account will most likely limit account.
4. We WILL resend funds that were chargebacked or reversed 48hrs AFTER the transfer. Replacements will be only sent ONCE.
5. We need clear and visible PROOF of the chargeback/reversed funds with the transaction history of transfer and chargeback.
6. There will be NO replacement transfer on fresh accounts.
7. There will be NO replacement if funds were successfully cashed out.
8. If you try to scam us, well trust me , just dont.
9. All refunds are at our discretion.
10. When an order is placed, the transfer arrives at the specified account.You can not change an account while processing an order.
11. We reserve the right to cancel orders without any explanation offered.
12. It is not always possible to cancel an order if it is already being processed.
13. Please DO NOT order more than one of any item. If you need two (2) $1000 transfers for instance, don't place 1 order of 2x1000$ - place 2 separate orders of $1000. This makes everyone's life easier.

1. $500 is minimum transfer orders (WE WILL NOT BUDGE BELOW $500).
2. How long do transfers take? Usually 12-24 h.
3. Can you do an amount not listed in your store? Yes, send a Email with the amount you need and we will create a custom package for you.
4. Can you send the transfer amount to different PayPal address? No, we send the total transfer amount to ONE PayPal.
5. Can you buy something from a store that accepts PayPal and ship to my drop? No, we only transfer money to a PayPal email directly.
6. What is your jabber ?

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